08 September, 2012

Muru Crepe

I really like this moustache because of Mr.Pringles:)

The other day my friend and I went to one of my favorite brunch places called Muru Crepe which is located in old Montreal. The decor of the restaurant is based on the vegetation color and there were many very large windows so the place was breathing with light, which made me very comfortable. I ordered a Madame muru crepe with bocconcini, tomato, pesto, almond, basil and olive in it. I could also opt for a salad or French fries or both. The crepe was so yummy and the fries were the best I ever had in Montreal( I didn't compare them with poutine ). I cannot wait to go back for their Bailey's crepe or anything else on the menu. So who's in with me?

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lalala said...

me me me! I wanna go, but I can't. :(

blackbear mtl said...

I brought a friend there a couple weeks ago and she loves the place and the food instantly.

Joe M. Cote said...

good post