01 September, 2012

M4 Burritos

My boyfriend and I went to this place a week ago. We were attracted by the pictures of chicken, pork, beef and veges under the signage: M4 Burritos. I'm always keen to try new things, therefore, I stepped in the door and talked to the staff. The place was like a Subway style Mexican restaurant. At first, I needed to choose from four kinds of base of burrito, tacos, bowl and salad. After that, I could opt one sort of meat, two veges and two sauces.

I opted for a bowl and had chicken, rice, black bean, corn, guacamole sauce and cheese on it. I was panicked to see a small mountain in my plate when I went to pay the bill, though the price was pretty economic ($7.95). I can't tell the place is the best in Montreal but what I liked was the fresh food and I had options to mix the food I wanted. I didn't finish the small mountain in the end, so next time I will probably ask someone to share one with me or bring a plastic container to take out the remaining. Oh! Oh! don't forget to try their non alcohol Margarita ($4.95) which was sour a bit but sweet at the same time.

M4 Burritos
close to metro Berri-Uqam

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