04 September, 2012

18th century market

Even the little boy was helping to sell stuff.

I was looking forward to attending this Festival for quite a long time because I have missed it twice since 2010, and I finally got to see it this year. The event was taking place on 25 and 26 August in the old Montreal. 

Despite the fact that it was an unbearably hot day, it didn't prevent people from coming. There was some vendors who were selling food, clothes, natural products and so on, and buskers were all dressed in retro-chic clothe of course. If any of you read my post Road trip day 5 I: King's Landing, you will find out how much I am obsessed with those going back in time things, especially the gentleman I posed with in the last photo, who was so adorable, wasn't he? But I don't wanna cross the line so I have to say that the person who took this shot for me is the best :)        

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