24 August, 2012

Road trip day 7: Back to Montreal

The last day of our trip, we passed by some places to take rest and have some fun. At each village we stopped by, I was looking for downtown, and my boyfriend advised me to look for a church. He was right. At the center of every village, there was a church...

It was a really hot day, we were driving through a narrow road and were attracted to a coffee terrace full of people. We stepped in the coffee shop where there already was a small line up. I was falling in love with the warm color decor in this place at first sight. I had a cup of latte as if I filled my tank to go on the road.  

L'Atelier du Voiturier

L'Atelier du Voiturier was a very impressive museum. The owner, Daniel spent fifteen years to make all those exquisite masterpieces after his retirement. We didn't know if we needed to pay for the admission at first, but he said it was free, if we wanted to pay, we could donate money instead. 

After that, he started guiding us and was very kind to explain each section of the story of what those little people were doing. Despite the fact that he was speaking in French, I got a good translator, my boyfriend so I enjoyed going through the past with those cute characters. He even showed us the workshop he owns and I noticed a piece of wood that was being transformed into a horse. Daniel said that making a horse would take three days. What an incredible work. I was truly touched by his passion for his artwork and for making such an spectacular museum. Thanks a lot Daniel!!       

The happiest time was always flying fast. I experienced many things, viewed many breathtaking landscapes, ate good food (sometimes) and met different people in this seven days damn long driving trip. All these things fulfilled my spirit. That is why I travel for.    

Coffee place
344, street Principale, Saint-Vallier, Canada G0R 4J0
Tel: 418-884-2715

Daniel's Museum
15, rue de la Durantaye, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Canada G0R 3S0
Tel: 418-884-3644


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