22 August, 2012

Road trip day 6: Montmagny

The room was renovated so it looked better than the one I saw on their web.

There is a pool after the bridge.

My first snails in Canada.

Another long driving from Fredericton to Montmagny. It also meant I'm going back from bilingual province to French only province. I think I'm gonna miss those cities I've visited. We didn't have enough time to visit that day because we knew that we had to drive six hours to our hotel. I can only remember I hit some worms with my windscreen, saw many animals dead body on the road side and noticed many drivers didn't use the turn signal when they changed line, which really pissed me off. How did they get their driver's licence!?

Despite arriving at our hotel a bit earlier than we had planned, we didn't feel like to walk around the town. We were just too lazy to go out, and instead preferred to enjoy the facilities of the hotel such as the pool and the sauna. I even learned to swim! After that I looked in the guide book of Montmagny to find a good restaurant where to have dinner, just to find out that one of the best in town was in our hotel.

The food in the hotel was amazing. I've died for having snails since I arrived in Montreal. When I discovered they had snails on the menu, I got extremely excited. Not only this, the other food I ordered was delicious as well. Plus, the service made me feel comfortable. For all those reasons, my boyfriend and I decided to have breakfast in the hotel the day after. Overall, I got recovered from tiredness. Thanks to my boyfriend for making a such brilliant choice.

If you are interested in staying in this hotel, I suggest you to book the room near the pool which has a better view and is more convenient to go to other places in the hotel.

Hôtel L'Oiselière
105 Poirier road Montmagny, Quebec G5V 3T4
Tel: 418-248-1640

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