13 August, 2012

Road trip day 5 I: King's Landing

The sawmill was closed after being destroyed by a storm. Hopefully they will repair it one day.

The groceries were sold for real.

We drove four hours from Prince Edward Island to the Kings Landing historical settlement. The place reproduces a 19th century village with houses, school, church, shops, farms and so on. Each spot had an actor who dressed in a traditional costume and introduced us to the story of the owner of the building and the families who lived there. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to listen to each presentation, we were rushed from this point to another and took some quick photos.

The most interesting place for kids must have been the farm. We could see piggies, ducks, horses, a flock of sheep and experience milking a cow, however, I didn't feel like to torture a poor cow, after I saw a cow's nipple become red and swollen.  

Anyway, I was happy to see this cute village which reminded me of a computer game: Dungeon Siege.

See here for more the info on Kings Landing Historical Settlement

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