20 August, 2012

Road trip day 5 II: Fredericton

We had dinner at the palate in Fredericton. The restaurant was quite wide and each table had a proper distance from others. I ordered a risotto with some scallops and a lobster tail on the top. The lobster was much tasty and tenderer than the one I had in St-John (place check Road trip day 2: Saint-John), not to mention the price. Even though I bit a small piece of the shell from the risotto, the waitress handled very well, thus I had no complain.   

After dinner, we went to see an outdoor summer concert at Officers' Square. There was a place next to the stage where visitors could borrow a chair without paying money by pawning a personal identity card. Despite the fact that I wanted to enjoy the night life, the weather in Fredericton was so different from morning to evening that I couldn't stand being there too long. Thus, we changed our plan to venture more in the town.

The Green

462 Queen Street, Fredericton, New Bruswick E3B 1B6 
Tel: 506-450-7911

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