10 August, 2012

Road trip day 4: Prince Edward Island

Art Gallery B&B

We got up from a comfy home stay room in the morning. The breakfast was starting at 8am. Before we stepped in the dining room, I started drooling by the food smell. The hosts had prepared a buffet and encouraged people to get as much food as they could eat. During the breakfast time, we got to know about P.E.I. through the owner's wonderful presentation.

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We didn't have enough time to visit the entire island, therefore, we decided to drive around the center of the island because I wanted to see "Anne of green gables". In fact, I didn't even know the story about the red hair girl. I just wanted to prove to my ex-roomie Yuki that I've been there (Don't judge me, I'll read the book after going back to Montreal!!).

Driving in this island has never been pleasing. The locals were driving as fast as the truck in the movie "Pet cemetery", which explained the animal corpses I frequently saw on the side of the road. I oftentimes had to slow down to let them pass, and if I didn't, they would stick to my ass the whole way.

The landscape was really fascinating in Prince Edward Island. The fields were like a large green carpet, on the other side was an endless ocean connected with the blue sky. Every scene I saw was more beautiful than the photos I shot, and on top of that, I was often so stunned by the view that I forgot to press the button of my camera. I could understand why my Japanese friends were crazy about this place now.

Art Gallery B&B
120 North Bedeque Summerside Prince Edward Island C1N 4J9
Tel: 902-887-2683

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