17 June, 2012

Lafontain park

This is one of my favorite spots in Montreal. The park was designed by the same designer who designed central park in New York. I often bring a novel and a thermos with coffee to spend a whole afternoon in the park. Or wear my running shoes to go jogging around the park. I used not to like outdoor sports as the weather in my country is so humid and hot that people would rather stay in buildings with air-conditioning. But the summer in Montreal is really comfortable to go out which makes me enjoy doing exercise. I especially like when I sweated all over my body after having jogged.

On weekend, I frequently see people come to the park with friends, family or in small groups. There's lots of things to do, such as picnicking, doing small activities, playing music, drinking beers and having joints (only for some people). If you have pets, you can bring them to the place where you can unchain them to let your pets waste their energy. Just remember to clean the feces and I'll appreciate that you reduced the risk of me stepping on your dog's gold.      

  [A lot of people come to picnic on weekend. Despite it was 27 degrees, it didn't feel as hot as I thought. ]

                                                                    [I can often see ducks.]

               [There are many squirrels. If you were lucky, you could see white squirrels sometimes.]

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