19 June, 2012

DM package economics

Today, I'm going to show you the way I'm learning English and saving my money.
I love to receive the DM package which is one of the must do things for me in the week. The purpose was for improving my English at first. However, these DMs was not all bilingual (Normally in French only). 

[The original price is double than when its on sale]
Since I moved out from my home stay, I've started looking for good deals in these DMs. The most essential supply is washroom tissues. I felt this brand of tissue (see the photo above) is most comfortable and soft, therefore, when I found they have discount on the DM, I always put it on my list. I don't have a car so I had to carry it by hands on my way home; even so, I purchased two every time. 

[Now it's the season for lobsters]
I used not to cook when I was in my country, because there was no kitchen in my apartment, something quite common in my country. Now I'm living with my boyfriend and he has an awesome kitchen, so I learned to cook from the web and now try to eat healthy. Hoping one day I can know in advance what's on sale on the DM and instantly know what I'm going to cook.       

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