19 June, 2012

DM package economics

Today, I'm going to show you the way I'm learning English and saving my money.
I love to receive the DM package which is one of the must do things for me in the week. The purpose was for improving my English at first. However, these DMs was not all bilingual (Normally in French only). 

[The original price is double than when its on sale]
Since I moved out from my home stay, I've started looking for good deals in these DMs. The most essential supply is washroom tissues. I felt this brand of tissue (see the photo above) is most comfortable and soft, therefore, when I found they have discount on the DM, I always put it on my list. I don't have a car so I had to carry it by hands on my way home; even so, I purchased two every time. 

[Now it's the season for lobsters]
I used not to cook when I was in my country, because there was no kitchen in my apartment, something quite common in my country. Now I'm living with my boyfriend and he has an awesome kitchen, so I learned to cook from the web and now try to eat healthy. Hoping one day I can know in advance what's on sale on the DM and instantly know what I'm going to cook.       

The Montreal Mirror

[was published on June 7]
The Montreal Mirror is published on every Thursday. I can get it for free at some metro stations or coffee shops. I usually browse through some pages to look for interesting topics and some useful info like the picture below which is showing the info about the festival and activities this summer. I'm looking forward to see the fireworks and the biggest festival -Jazz festival!!

[Circled the must see event]
[never miss it! It had approximately 80 thousand fans attended the event in 2011.]

Unfortunately the Montreal Mirror has stopped publishing since the end of June 2012 which makes me really sad. 

R.I.P. Mirror 2012- You will be remembered.

17 June, 2012

Lafontain park

This is one of my favorite spots in Montreal. The park was designed by the same designer who designed central park in New York. I often bring a novel and a thermos with coffee to spend a whole afternoon in the park. Or wear my running shoes to go jogging around the park. I used not to like outdoor sports as the weather in my country is so humid and hot that people would rather stay in buildings with air-conditioning. But the summer in Montreal is really comfortable to go out which makes me enjoy doing exercise. I especially like when I sweated all over my body after having jogged.

On weekend, I frequently see people come to the park with friends, family or in small groups. There's lots of things to do, such as picnicking, doing small activities, playing music, drinking beers and having joints (only for some people). If you have pets, you can bring them to the place where you can unchain them to let your pets waste their energy. Just remember to clean the feces and I'll appreciate that you reduced the risk of me stepping on your dog's gold.      

  [A lot of people come to picnic on weekend. Despite it was 27 degrees, it didn't feel as hot as I thought. ]

                                                                    [I can often see ducks.]

               [There are many squirrels. If you were lucky, you could see white squirrels sometimes.]

16 June, 2012

A friend visiting Montreal

I have been away from my blog for a few weeks. I know it is bad that I broke my New year resolutions of 2012 already, but I'm going to fix it.

A very close friend from Taiwan came to Montreal for two weeks. Before her flight arrived to Montreal, it thundered ghastly many times that morning. Obviously the weather was not good. It was her first time to visit Canada. I wanted to give her a good impression of this country so I tried my best to show her how amazing this country is. Fortunately she experienced three unexpected things in this short period.

1. She witnessed the student protests. She could hear the noise from her hotel room every night.

2. She was in Montreal when Luka Rocco Magnotta committed his horrible crime.

3. I arranged a trip for her in Toronto for one night and two days. When the shooting happened at the Eaton center, she was about to cross the street to enter the building and she heard the gun shots.

I don't know if she's been lucky or not. But I'm sure she had some stories to tell when she went back to Taiwan. Those crazy Canadians.