10 April, 2012

Nil Bleu

I always desire to try something new in my life, especially FOOD.
I invited my boyfriend for African food with impulsiveness. I looked on the Internet and found a restaurant which was chosen as the best African restaurant in Montreal by the Montreal Mirror in 2011. I didn't expect the ambiance of the place to be that classic and I was a bit worried about the price when I saw they put white linen on the table. We arrived there at 7:35pm and waited for half an hour to get the table. We got our food at 9pm in the end. I was thinking positively that good food always takes long to prepare.

The waiter gave us a warm towel to clean our hands because we were going to use them to eat without using any fork or knife. We ordered the combination dish A (which included veges, lamb, chicken, beef) for both of us. The food was all placed on a big silver plate. We needed to unwrap the bread to take the meat with our hands. Despite the taste was good at first, I got a bit bored of eating in the end because it was too heavy for me. Anyway, it was a good experience to try food I never tasted before in my life.

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For information on the restaurant, please try: Nil Bleu

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