14 March, 2012

Moving downtown

I moved downtown before the winter came. I heard many people say that the lowest temperature is -30C in Montreal. I didn't even want to think about how cold this could be, I just thought if I needed to wait for a bus in below zero temperature in the morning, I would rather die. Coincidentally, I heard a Japanese girl who was looking for an apartment so I asked her if she would be my roommate, and she agreed.

Finding a place was not easy. We looked on some websites, asked some friends if they knew if any place was available and we ended up finding a perfect apartment which our school helped us to find. The place was a 3 1/2 with two double beds in each room. By Asian standards, it seemed like a very big place for two girls to live in. The apartment was located downtown so it was quite convenient and I just needed to walk for 7 minutes to reach the metro station.

Not long after we moved in, my roommate and I organized a house warming party to celebrate our new life. Actually my roommate Yuki and her friend Maki did everything because I was not a good cooker at that time. I could only be a helper. Yuki jokingly complained the potatoes became very thin after I peeled them....    

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