24 March, 2012

Laurentians 2010

It was October in Montreal. On my way to school I saw the leaves changed their color to yellow, orange or red. It meant summer was finished. In the classroom, Yuki was holding a sheet which looked like a traveling synopsis. I asked her what it was, and she answered it was the information for going to see maple leaves in the Laurentians. She then politely asked me if I would join her, I unabashedly said yes.

We took a small bus from Montreal to Laurentians with a Chinese travel agency. After the bus arrived to a place which has a huge lake, we took a boat to see many maple trees around the lake. The place was supposed to be a very beautiful landscape, unfortunately it was raining and quite cold that day so the effect of the pictures I took was not very good.

After the sightseeing with the boat, the bus took us to a place called Tremblant which is a famous spot for skiing in winter, well known for sightseeing in the fall. I saw many colorful buildings which made me feel like I was in a fairy tale. I was shocked when the tour guide told us to take a cable car to the top of mountain. I didn't feel very comfortable to be kept into a small box and watch myself away from the ground. However, it seemed like I had no other choice but to climb the mountain. On the top of the mountain it was not only unbelievably cold but also there was nothing to see. Thus, we rushed to the cable car and back to the middle of mountain. I aimlessly walked around the place to take as many pictures as I could before the meeting time. There were some hotels, SPA places, restaurant, shops and so on. I wish I have a chance come back here for skiing one day.

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