12 March, 2012


One day, my boyfriend said he wanted to bring me to a place. We took the metro to the beginning of the hell long walk Square-Victoria station. After that, we walked through the old port where we could see the small shape of the weird building on the other side of the Saint Lawrence river. On our way, we didn't talk much but I was happy that he fulfilled his promise which was to show me around the city. I behaved like a three year old kid and kept asking questions. "What's this? What's that?" After we saw a huge flour factory, we crossed a bridge and arrived to the place called HABITAT 67, finally. This is an apartment which combines many cubic rooms and which looks like my childhood magic blocks or my fake Legos. The design of the building was amazing, every room could get natural light from each side. I asked my boyfriend what would the building be if an earthquake happened? Hoping it would not have the same ending as my knowledge tower.

On our way home, the Kidney smuggler...I meant my boyfriend took me to another way and I found out there was a station very close to HABITAT 67. So if you want to visit this atypical building, there are a few options:
1. Driving car.
2. Taking metro to Jean-Drapeau metro and walk around 50mins.
3. Taking metro to Square-Victoria and walk around more than an hour. I call it the healthiest way...

For more info please click HABITAT 67

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