15 February, 2012


I had an amazing Valentine's day dinner at Vertige yesterday. I have to say thank you to my boyfriend for making such a good choice for that special day. I have been there a couple of times and I always leave the restaurant astonished.

We ordered the Valentine's day menu which had a total of six courses (I missed taking a picture of the lobster soup). The presentation of the food was so beautiful that every new course served to my table would always make me unknowingly open my eyes and my mouth. And the taste was just fantastic (God! I gotta learn more adjectives to describe this food) Every time I closed my eyes to enjoy munching every piece of food in my mouth, making me feel like I was in Heaven. I can't tell which one of the dishes was my favorite because it's too hard to rank each of them. My tongue still remembers every single flavor I experienced yesterday however.

The timing of the service was perfect. I spent three hours there and never felt rushed, even though people kept coming in. The owner and the waitresses were smiling, cordial and attentive. Despite the fact that I don't understand French, they were kind enough to translate for me.

Overall, I heard this is one of the best restaurants in Montreal, and I absolutely agree with it. I recommend it to anyone. You never know how good it is until you've tried it!

I feel bad for the chef because I'm not a professional camera woman.

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540 Rue Duluth Est H2L 1A9 Montreal, Quebec

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