20 February, 2012

Summer activity: Tam-Tam

The first Tam-Tam I've seen in my life was in the movie hot chick (see the photo below). I got an instant crush on that amazing rhythm.

The picture is from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiGki-_iD3I
There is an outdoor activity taking place in Mont-Royal park (which is the biggest park in Montreal) during every summer. I went there a few times. When I got off the metro station, I just followed the sound leading right to the park. Even though they have a performance every weekend, I still see many people going there. Imagine bringing your lunch box, a few beers, sitting or laying on the grass (Thanks god, there's no poo-poo), chatting with friends, enjoying the music for free, lingering out the whole evening in the park, and maybe (for those who enjoy) even smoking a few joints (!) Isn't it a luxurious life style? 

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