02 February, 2012

Pride parade in Montreal 2010

I missed one of the biggest events which occurs only once a year in Montreal. When my friends and I got off Berri-Uqam station, the parade was already finished. It was a very special event for me. We Asians barely see such things in our country. Besides my purpose was only to stay in Canada until June 30, 2011. Though I had so many regrets and disappointments not having seen it, I took a few pictures of people who were dressed in special costumes for the event.

Since I was a child, I've watched many movies that made jokes on gay people, and like every other kid who watches too much TV, I learned from it. As I grew in age, my view changed little by little. I started thinking by myself about what was right or wrong, not just being fed information that I got from the holy mass media. I learned to respect each life, each culture, each color of skin and so on. I was touched by them, seeing them stand for their right. They are not criminals, so don't wear color glasses to judge them. I adore people who can say "Yeah! I'm gay, so what?" with full confidence.

What do I grasp about gay people? I don't really know them but I know many of them have great sense of fashion and good taste for decoration. There are many quite fancy bars and restaurants which you can easily find in the gay village. This is one of the reasons I love Montreal, people here are such open-minded.

By the way, I just found out that Taiwan has the biggest Pride parade in Asia. Yeaah!

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Stitch said...

Lovely pics!! especially, I like the color of photos!