13 February, 2012

Juliette & Chocolat

Chocolate fondant
I consider the chocolate fondant of Juliette & Chocolat to be the last dinner for myself, before leaving Montreal. I also recommended to every friend I made in school to try this fantastic chocolate cake (check the picture on the top), and everybody loved it. When I cut the cake with my spoon, the liquid chocolate inside flowed out such as the magma out of a volcano. Though I have seen it many times, it still makes me pleasantly surprised. There were two scoops of ice cream beside the cake and it made a very good combination. Just remember to eat the cake before it gets cold, otherwise, the taste will be less pronounced than the first bite. Likewise, it's better to eat it on the spot rather than to take it out. 

The store opens every day and the opening hours are from 11am to 11pm. Sometimes it opens until midnight as well. What a customer friendly place... 

On Laurier street

This one is near Berri-Uqam metro station.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!

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juliette et chocolat
For the location please click http://julietteetchocolat.com/cheznous.php


Stitch said...

Happy Valentine's day! Hope you have a sweet time :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for following my post and left such a sweet comment. Hoping you had a wonderful Valentine's day as well (big hug)