23 February, 2012

Another pink room

One day my mom asked me if I would move into another house because there were too many boys in mine. I agreed that sharing a bathroom with boys is truly inconvenient so I promptly packed all my stuff and moved into my new house, which was also closer to the bus stop. Great! I can sleep five more minutes in the morning. The room was the biggest one in the house. I was totally in love with this room. There was a huge window and the view was perfect! I was very excited about my discovery. According to her daughter, this was supposed to be her future room.

There were four students in total who lived upstairs. We didn't make any agreement about who would first use the bathroom in the morning. I definitely knew I was not a morning person so I always had to be the first to occupy the bathroom. After that, I was half dreaming half slowly preparing myself in my room.

Although my English had improved a little, I listened  to people more than I spoke. My mom helped a lot with my English listening skills. She frequently talked to me about her family stories, life experiences, the culture of Canada and so on at dinner time when other students had not shown up yet.

In my opinion, living in a home stay is a good way to improve a language skill. However, if you unfortunately get a roommate who has a radically different life style, it could drive you crazy. So good luck!

Such a perfect place for studying
I occasionally see squirrels running on the tree.

On my way home the leaves turned yellow in the autumn.

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