01 January, 2012

New year's resolutions

The Tower of Knowledge

I started writing a blog in January 1st. 2012. A new year, a new beginning, I think everybody has new expectations for themselves. Despite how much you can achieve, having a dream means having hope. As opposed to someone who wishes to lose weight or earn a lot of money, my desire is to grow my brain. When I realize that I'm getting older, but my wisdom is not gaining proportionally to my age, it makes me panic. Some people buy brand products, fashion clothes, facial care products, do laser surgery or get a botox shot to build their self-confidence, I'd rather improve my brain and distribute my self-confidence from inside to outside.

My new year's resolutions are neither too numerous nor too difficult to attain. I just set up a few points, but each of those points are extremely important to me. I want:
  • to get over 90 points on the TOEFL test
  • to learn basic French
  • to read two books in English per month
  • to learn basic accounting (in English)
  • to continue this blog without interruption

2012.1.1開始我的Blog,新年新氣象,想必大家對自己都有新的期許,姑且不論會達成多少,有夢才有希望 。 比起減肥賺大錢,我對自己的期許是"增腦"。我光想到年紀越來越大,智慧卻沒跟著長進,就感到莫名的恐慌,比起某些人買名牌包.時髦衣服.保養品.打雷射.玻尿酸以建立出外在的自信,都比不上充實腦袋,由內而外散發出來的自信來的好。

  • 年底的TOEFL目標90分以上
  • 學會基礎法文會話
  • 每個月至少讀二本英文書
  • 學會基礎會計(英文)
  • 將這Blog持續下去

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