01 January, 2012

The first snowman in my life

It's not the first time I see snow, but I've never made any snowman in my life. On the first day of the year 2012, it was only one degree outside, and I finally resolved myself to fix this. Actually, I made a snowoman as some acute observers may have noticed.

Some people like me always postpone something they want to do in the moment, always thinking that they  will have time to do it tomorrow. In fact, after having postponed their plan once, they rarely ever find the will to do it later. One day, when they think back, their memory is only filled with regrets. I've learned from my past mistakes, and one of my new year's resolution was to change this bad habit.

I could have started this blog a year ago when I arrived in Montreal. At that moment, everything that I had experienced was fresh for me. I can't imagine how much fun I've forgotten so far. But it's never too late to put down these invaluable memories in pictures and in writing. I'll try to remember the past as much as I can and share it with you through this blog.

這並不是我第一次看到雪,但我活了那麼久卻不曾堆過雪人. 在室外只有1度的2012年元旦,我終於決定彌補這個缺憾. 一些眼尖的格友或許會注意到,其實,我堆了個"母的雪人".

有些人像我一樣,總拖延自己當下想做的事情,老想著明天還有時間去做. 事實上,計畫被延過一次後,就很難再去執行它. 當某天他們想起,他們的記憶也只有後悔. 我從我過去的錯誤學到了這個,而我新年新希望之一就是要改掉這壞習慣.

早在一年前來到蒙特婁時,我就該開始這個部落格,那時,任何人.事.物對我來說都是非常新鮮的感受與體驗. 我不敢想像目前為止我忘掉了多少的趣事. 但,利用照片.文字記下這寶貴的記憶是永遠不嫌晚. 我將盡我最大的努力,試著回想過去的種種,經由這個部落格分享給大家.

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Anonymous said...

Is she single? I could hook her up with a snowman in my backyard...