03 January, 2012

The first day in Montreal

 I was kept prisoner into a small box with a pair of wings and flew halfway around the earth for about 16 hours. After I watched uncountable movies and tried to sleep intermittently, I finally arrived in Canada. I was very nervous and feared that the border service officer would ask me many questions, which I probably wouldn't be able to answer. Fortunately they didn't. 

我被關在一對有翅膀的箱子裡,花了約16小時飛過半個地球. 看遍數不清的電影,睡睡醒醒了無數次,終於抵達了加拿大. 過海關時,我真是既緊張又害怕他們會問我很多問題,很明顯的我根本不可能有辦法回答任何問題,好家在他們也沒問甚麼.

When I arrived to my home stay, my mom gave me a hug. Wow! It was a bit out of my range because Taiwanese are not used to hug strangers, but I remained silent. Now being abroad, I knew I had to get accustomed to their culture. I was very exhausted by the 12 hours time difference with Taiwan. It took me a week to recover from the jet lag. Although I was dreaming about becoming a flight attendant, I don't think I'm qualified for that job anymore. 

抵達寄宿家庭時,轟媽給我了個大大的擁抱. 哇! 這有點超過我的範圍,在台灣,我們沒有跟陌生人擁抱的習慣,但我並沒說甚麼. 因為我現在在別人的土地,我必須去習慣他們的文化.
12小時的時差令我疲憊不堪,這還讓我花了一個星期才調好它. 虧我還夢想當空服員,但我不認為我有本錢做這個工作.

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