02 January, 2012

Before coming to Montreal

When I was a university student, I had a dream: studying English in a foreign country. At that age, my dream was very simple, I just wanted to speak the "international language" fluently, hoping one day I would be capable of  helping anyone who traveled to my country and got lost on the street. At that time, if a foreigner walked towards me, my heart would start beating, my hands would start sweating and I would silently scream to myself "Please do not ask me any question because I'm not gonna understand what you're saying!".

After university, I started working. In the beginning of 2010, I suddenly realized it was time for me to do what I've always wanted to do, so I determinedly quit my job. I convinced my parents to let me leave them for a while. I only brought my passport, a one way plane ticket, two big luggages, one suitcase and tons of excitement with me. I began my abroad life without understanding any word of English on July 13. 2010.

Unknowingly, this also happened to be the 30th birthday of my future boyfriend.

當我還是大學生,我就有個夢:到國外學英文. 那時,我只希望能說一口流利的英文,有天我能幫助那些來到台灣旅遊卻迷路的外國人. 當時,只要我看到老外走向我,我就開始心跳加速,狂冒手汗,並在內心叫喊[拜託不要問我任何問題,我根本不可能聽懂你(妳)在講啥!]

大學畢業後開始工作. 2010年初,我突然意識到,是時候該做我一直以來都想做的事了,便毅然決然辭去了工作,並說服老杯老母允許他們的寶貝女兒離開他們一陣子. 完全不懂英文的我,只帶了本護照.一張單程機票,兩個大行李箱.一個手提行李跟極其興奮的心情,在2010年7月13日這天,開始了我在異國的生活.


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