04 January, 2012

About the home stay

The home stay was arranged by my school (about which I'll tell you later). They asked me to fill a wish list, and they found a home stay that matched perfectly what I wanted:

 1. Whether they should have pets or kids? 
     No pet please. Not that I dislike them, but some are just uncontrollable.
 2. How far should the home stay be from the school? 
     Have to be less than 30 mins. Think about it, who would like to get up early in the winter?
 3. Do you have allergy to any food? 
     Spicy food and fish. I have a sensitive stomach and the fish... I'm too lazy to take the bone off. 
 4. Others?
     I hope the nationality of the home stay family would be Filipino or Vietnamese, so I can eat rice.

They found me a mom who doesn't like spicy food either, is Filipino, and has a husband and two kids. And it was taking exactly 30mins to get to school from my home stay.

My mom gave me a wide pink room (the largest in the house) with a huge closet. I noticed there were two single beds in the room, although she told me that I would be the only one to occupy it. While I was trying to unsuccessfully plug the cable line to connect the Internet, I suddenly felt something dark and heavy invading my heart. I couldn't even breathe. It made me depressed and homesick. When my mom told me to access the Internet with the Wi-Fi, my world became colorful immediately. Clearly I suffer from IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder).  


1. 他們可否有寵物或小孩?
2. 從寄宿家庭到學校的通車時間?
3. 對任何食物過敏?
    辣的食物和魚。 我的胃不好,不能吃辣,至於魚...我只是懶得挑刺而已 : p    
4. 其它?


 轟媽給我一間很寬的粉紅色房間(最大間的)跟一個很大的衣櫃,我注意到這房間有兩張單人床,然而轟媽跟我說這房間只會有我一人使用。 當我試著插上網路線想上網卻無法成功,我突然感到一股黑暗且沉重感覺襲向我,我甚至無法呼吸, 這感覺讓讓我陷入低潮.想家。 那之後,轟媽叫我連上無線網路,我的世界立刻變成彩色的。 顯然我有"網路依存症"。

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Won said...

kkk, I could understand how you felt when you couldn't use the internet :)